Thanks to my Kickstarter Backers!

As part of my Kickstarter project for He Who Laughs Last, I promised to put a list online of all my backers, which you can now find here.

Nearly a year later, I still look back in amazement at my 385 backers who took a leap of faith in me and my project. Yes, I knew a few of them personally, but most I didn’t know and had not even encountered in the greater online community. Furthermore, I had folks like Shane Ivey and Kevin Kulp, as well as the amazing Oscar Rios, share my project with their own backers, which was a huge boon to our project. All of this help came during the project from people I’ve never met in person.

But that’s what the RPG community is about — we’re all geeks of varying degrees, and our support for everyone here cannot be overstated.

I think that, ultimately, the community is why my project (and others like it) was so successful. I’ve received amazing amounts of support and feedback (both good and bad) for this project, both on Kickstarter and when I’ve run the game at conventions. It makes such a difference to know that people enjoy the game and book, and that they look forward to more work from me and my team.

My next Kickstarter project is already being planned and I hope it is even crazier than the last. I look forward to working with my team again, and interacting with my backers. Thanks to you all.

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