Sun Spots Player Characters

Here are the backgrounds for the pre-generated PCs included in the Sun Spots GM Kit:

  • Roger Delany – Dilettante – Age 30

    Roger was born into a wealthy Worcester, MA family, and grew up under a life of privilege. He was extremely handsome, though a little short, and quickly grew to use his natural charisma to charm and persuade people. For all of his life he got whatever he wanted.

    But it wasn’t enough, and, defying his father’s wishes, and thus being cast from the family, he joined up with the US Army in 1918 as troops were heading to France to push back the Hun. While his charm and privilege helped him gain an officer position, they did not spare him from the horrors of war. And while he did survive the war, and especially a brutal gas attack that ruined his lungs and scarred his chest, he returned home a changed man.

    With his father’s death of the Spanish flu, Roger leveraged his inheritance and charisma to gain speaking jobs across the country, talking about war, leadership, and how to find your path in this world. He still speaks regularly to his sister, the only one to write to him in the trenches, and visits his mother when he can. Roger has recently taken to reading and writing poetry, finding solace in the works of T.S. Eliot and the like.

    But the feeling has not left him that there is something else to this world, something that has not quite yet been revealed…