Sun Spots


Coming Tuesday Sept 13, 2016


Sun Spots is a Cthulhu Dark scenario set in 1920s Lovecraft Country that takes the party of investigators from a freezing Boston storm to the unseasonably warm weather of Red Valley, where the residents have discovered ancient magic that may be their undoing.

Written in 2007-08 under the guidance of Keith “Doc” Herber, Sun Spots takes a new spin on an ancient being, providing a deep backstory, rich characters, and plenty of opportunities for madness and fun for your gaming group. With ~28k words already written, with multiple playlists under its belt, the scenario can provide 6-10 hours of gaming, depending on how much the party wants to explore and meet all the various aspects to the story.

Reviews have begun to trickle in — here is first one from award-winning game author Stuart Boon:

Dave Sokolowski’s Sun Spots harkens back to the classic Call of Cthulhu scenarios that we all love and dials up the danger with a number of intriguing twists including a new take on an old god. Detailed, multi-layered, and engaging, Sun Spots shines with interesting characters, nefarious plots, and ancient evil. Sokolowski has another winner on his hands.

Many pieces of art have been completed for the scenario, including incredible pieces from three well-known Cthulhu gaming artists:

Jason Eckhardt, location drawings

SS_jason art_1_clip1

Reuben Dodd, illustrations

SS_reuben art_clip1


Chris Huth, cover


Furthermore, the project will bring back the same project team as He Who Laughs Last, including layout, design and graphics by Gregory Geiger and maps by Jake Coolidge.

At lights are now green and resources aligned (much like the stars!), so look for the Kickstarter to launch on Tuesday, September 13, 2016.

Let’s give Tom Lynch, president of Miskatonic River Press, the last word:

Dave Sokolowski submitted “Sun Spots” to Keith “Doc” Herber for his planned epic scenario book, The Outer Gods. Doc worked with Dave to tweak, build, and perfect it, and was proud of the final result. Sadly, in a blow to the entire community, Doc passed away suddenly long before the project could be completed.

It should be noted that Doc’s vision for The Outer Gods contained the following requirement on the spec sheet, “Every scenario in this book has to be great.” Those who knew Doc and his considerable work for the Call of Cthulhu® role-playing game were aware that nothing got approved unless it was truly excellent work. This was the man behind H. P. Lovecraft’s Arkham, H. P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich, Keeper’s Companion, 1920s Investigator’s Companion, Spawn of Azathoth, Trail of Tsathogghua, Fungi from Yuggoth, and New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley to name only a few. Keith “Doc” Herber shaped Call of Cthulhu and made it a truly wonderful game. And if he thought “Sun Spots” was great, what’s your excuse?




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    Please be sure to remind us on 12 September that your KS campaign is in progress!!!


    – Bill

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    This looks very cool, but is there any way to procure this as a Cthulhu Dark scenario? I far prefer that system over CoC 7E.

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