He Who Laughs Last

You saw it yesterday on Facebook, of all places, first.

Becca was dead – she killed herself. No one knows why but the funeral would be soon, in Los Angeles of course.

And now it’s that day. You’ve come from near and far to be here, but something seems wrong, out of place. It happened so fast and no one has any answers. Most people don’t seem interested in finding out either, just want to get back to their dull existences.

Then Becca’s father approaches you to ask for help…

He Who Laughs Last is a Cthulhu Dark scenario for 3-6 players that takes ~8 hours to play. You can purchase it from DTRPG as a ~20k word PDF here. This scenario is directly inspired by HP Lovecraft’s  ‘Through the Gate of the Silver Key’ and holds an interesting and fun challenge for both PCs and GM.

This scenario takes the PCs across modern-day Los Angeles in an attempt to understand how and what killed their friend. Becca’s former employer, a stand-up comedian, seems to be an obvious suspect, with his meteoric rise to fame over the last two years and something strange about how he delivers his jokes. But a host of other players in the opera of Becca’s death conspire to confuse, distract and ultimately destroy the PCs.

This scenario was funded at 300% on Kickstarter in March 2014. The project funded several stretch goals in addition to the core scenario:

  • Scenario conversion notes for Call of Cthulhu and Trail of Cthulhu are now available in PDFs here: HWLL COC Conversion, HWLL TOC Conversion
  • Digital GM Supplement with pre-generated PCs, digital clues and playtest notes available for all pledges above $12
  • Digital location postcards in PDF by Jared Manninen for all backers (now available in the PDF file)
  • Fictionalized account of the scenario in PDF for all backers

A list of my awesome backers can be found here.

The entire Kickstarter project was a total success – check back here for more updates as the book comes together.


‘You stay here while Christine and me poke around.’ Randy nodded in agreement and turned off the car.  The two others jogged across the street and walked up to Becca’s trendy Silverlake apartment. 
Police tape hung listlessly in the evening warmth. Alex yanked it off and held up the tire iron. ‘Where’d you get that?’ Christine shook her head in disappointment. 
‘Randy’s trunk.’ With a loud crack the door popped open and Alex surveyed the room. ‘But I think it used to be mine.’ The smell of smoke, fire and death overtook them. 
Christine grimaced and turned away but Alex stepped inside. In the middle of the living room was a huge black circle, a massive scorch mark with a smaller circle right above it on the ceiling. 
‘That’s it,’ said Alex with a sigh. ‘That’s where Becca died.’


 Updated Nov 10, 2014




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